Below you can find a list of courses I provide training for.

Currently, I’m offering live-online 1-to-1, private online seminars, and also on-location training (but only for locations within Europe).

Become a Dataviz Pro on Adobe Illustrator

If you’re a data visualization practitioner that has no idea how to use Adobe Illustrator but want to learn, then this is the course for you. What I’ve developed here is a data visualization course for Adobe Illustrator that teaches you what you need to know in the application to work on data visualisation projects and to graph with complete control. This isn’t another course on producing infographics in Adobe Illustrator, but a course with an emphasis on chart design and best charting practices.

Mastering Graphs for Adobe Illustrator Pros

If you’re already somewhat experienced in using Illustrator and you want to master the producing charts to improve your data visualization skills on the application, then this is the course for you.

Beginners Level Adobe Illustrator

Cover the basics of using the application Adobe Illustrator.

Intermediate Level Adobe Illustrator

Learn a good grasp Adobe Illustrator to intermediate proficiency.

Beginners Level Adobe Animate

Learn the basics of using the animation and interactive multimedia application, Adobe Animate.