Introduction to Data Visualisation

Start your journey into the field of data visualisation. This single day, on-site training is an engaging introductory guide to data visualisation that combines presentational and interactive learning. The focus is on theory and practice rather than on technical skills, so no computers are required to attend. Instead, low-tech learning tools such as card games are employed to make the learning experience fun and collaborative.

Why take this training?

After completing the training, attendees will obtain the essential knowledge needed to begin and develop a data visualisation career or skillset. Specifically, the training will cover:

  • What data visualisation is and its usefulness.
  • Potential career pathways.
  • A guide on common chart types and their utilities.
  • Data visualisation key principles and best practices.
  • An overview of current data visualisation tools used by practitioners.
  • Recommended resources.

Who is this training for?

This training is an ideal fit for those who:

  • Want to kickstart a career in data visualisation.
  • Have only heard about data visualisation, but don’t know anything about it and are eager to delve deeper into the field.
  • Individuals with a rough understanding of data visualisation, but want to expand their knowledge and establish a foundational understanding.
  • Professionals working in roles that involve data, but lack the know-how to effectively utilise data visualisation.

Assumed knowledge

No prior knowledge of data visualisation or technical skills is required.

Training Duration

Typically, the training runs up to 5 hours, with an hour lunch break and two short 15-minute breaks. The start time and breaks can be flexible.

A free course notes document containing the training content is included, providing a resource for future referencing.


– Definitions and Terminology
– Why is data visualisation useful?
– Infographics VS Data Visualisation
– Career pathways

Visualisation Vocabulary
– Common chart types
– Match It Game session

Key Principles
– Chart Anatomy
– General best charting practices

– Code-based
– Desktop Applications
– Web Applications
– Artificial Intelligence
– Which tool should I use?

Resource Recommendations
– Websites
– Books


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