Intermediate Level Adobe Illustrator

Take this course to bring your Adobe Illustrator skills to the next level by learning to use the application to an Intermediate level of proficiency.

In this course, you will be introduced to advanced vector drawing techniques and special effects. This will enable you to create more complex pieces of artwork and improve your proficiency in using this vector image editing application. Adobe Illustrator is used throughout the creative industry (not only in graphic design and Illustration) as the industry standard software for creating artwork and designs.

If you’ve taken the Beginners Course, then this course builds on that foundation and teaches you additional advanced features by introducing you to new tools and options.

Why Adobe Illustrator and what does it allow you to do?

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful design application that allows you to create graphical material for both print and digital projects, that can be resized without a loss of image quality. Illustrator also allows you to create:

- Logos and branding material
- Infographics, maps, charts
- Illustrations
- Icons and symbols
- Signage
- Website mockups and images for the web
- Packing designs
- Fashion designs and patterns
- Presentations and PDF documents
- Posters, leaflets, flyers, brochures
- Typefaces and typographical artwork

Who is this course for?

For those in who already know the basics of Adobe Illustrator, but are looking to take their use of the application to the next level.

Assumed knowledge

It’s assumed that you have a basic working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator (please check the outline of the beginners course to see if you know at least most of these skills). You should also have a basic working knowledge of the operating system you will be using while attending the course (either Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS).

Course Duration

Typically, the course runs from 9:00am - 4:00pm (your time), with an hour lunch break and two short breaks. However, we can be flexible on this.

The number of days the course will take depends on the number of people taking part. But typically for an individual person, the course lasts 1.5 to 2 days.

Course Outline

Drawing and Styling Techniques
- Pathfinder Panel
- Warp Tools
- The Width Tool
- The Puppet Warp Tool
- The Mesh Tool
- The Expand Appearance command
- Working with compound paths
- Creating an envelope distortion
- The Blend Tool
- Creating clipping masks
- Create and manipulate patterns
- Using the Perspective Grid Tool

Advanced Type Controls
- Typographical detail with leading, kerning and tracking
- Character and paragraph styles
- Text wraps

Advanced Colour Features
- Generating colour groups with the Colour Guide panel
- Using the Live Paint Bucket Tool to colour artwork
- Using the Recolor Artwork menu

Applying Effects & Styles
- Applying and adjusting Illustrator Effects
- Applying and adjusting ‘Photoshop’ Effects
- The Appearance panel
- Use and create graphic styles
- Opacity masks

Creating Custom Brushes
- Calligraphic brushes
- Scatter brushes
- Art brushes
- Bristle brushes
- Pattern brushes

Publishing For Print
- Explaining print terminology
- Setting trim and crop marks
- Preview artwork using CMYK soft proof
- The Package option


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