I provide a range of services in data visualisation and graphic design.

Infographic & Data Visualisation Services

Data Visualisation is the field and practice of presenting numbers and other forms of abstract information visually. Data Visualisation focuses on the visual representation of data and how to effectively communicate it visually to an audience.

Infographics are explanation graphics that can use charts, maps, diagrams, photographs, illustrations or text to tell a story or concept.

I work on both print and digital project with charts or infographics that are static or animated. Here’s the services I offer:

Data Visualisation Consultation
– Custom chart design
– How to best visualise your data
– How to produce specific chart
– Improving chart design
– Advice on chart types, selecting charts

Infographic Design
– Marketing and editorial infographics
– How-to guides and instructional design
– Explanation graphics

Charts-focused Presentations
– Making a presentation out of your data

Map Drawing
– Custom map design
– Wayfinding

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is the art or profession of visual communication that combines typography, illustrations and photographs to convey information to an audience.

I have exprience in producing both print and digital materials.

Marketing Materials
– Social media graphics
– Animated GIFs
– Posters, flyers and leaflets
– Brochures

Layout Design
– Books
– Magazines
– Annual reports
– Catalogues

Logos & Branding
– Logo design
– Brand identity design
– Brand guidelines
– Stationary
– Business card design
– T-shirts and clothing

Presentation Design
(PowerPoint or Keynote)

Packaging Design

Icon & Symbol Design

– HTML5 ad banners

Training Services

As an experienced instructor, I can provide professional training courses both live-online over the internet or on-site (depending on your location). Primarily I teach Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, and data visualisation.

I can also produce training materials such as written tutorials, video tutorials, and course manuals.